Very Dear friends of my mother,


2 years without her …



Angelica Adelstein Rozeanu

15/10/1921 – 21/02/2006

50-56 – Table Tennis World Champion

6 times Women Singles

5 times Women Team

17 times Gold Medalist

ITTF Hall of Fame

Honor Citizen of Haifa Municipality

Memorial Website:


Please be informed that we have the memorial ceremony at 14:00, 20 Feb 2008, Haifa cemetery, gate TAMAR.

We wish all of you could attend.


I invite you to visit now and then the website in her memorial

which I continue to enhance and to add material.

By now the articles were scanned and are there for everyone to see.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with enquiries regarding the website.


Best wishes to all,


The daughter of a Super Star mother


Un gând despre &8222;IN MEMORIAM, ANGELICA ROZNEANU&8221;

  1. I do remember seeing Angi playing last time in 1955 at the world championship in Bucharest, at Sala Floreasca, when she last won the world title. So please change the interval from 50-56, to 50-55! (she took the world titles in 50, 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55).
    I also have a photo of you mother, which I believe I already sent you (please confirm), taken in 1947 playing for the Romanian national title with Magda Rurac. Magda beat the future world champion in that year and in the same year, the number one in the world in tennis, at the time, Pauline Betz in the final of the Monte Carlo tournament.

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